Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Ever been to a dance? 

Have you ever endured that sweet agony in the weeks ahead of hoping and praying that special boy would take notice of you and ask you to go to prom with him?

Or homecoming?

I was fortunate.  I had those experiences when I was a schoolgirl.  Unfortunately, I was so down on myself that I never was able to let go and have fun.

I couldn't really believe that the boy was just interested in taking me out and having a fun time.

I couldn't really believe that I was pretty enough or interesting enough for that kind of attention.

Isn't it terrible what we as girls miss out on because we cannot get out of our own heads?

Sometimes at my church we sing a song that was written by a guy named Paul Wilbur.  It's called "Dance With Me" and the whole song is taken directly out of the Song of Solomon.  I love that song.

This past Sunday we were using it as part of our worship time and I heard the Lord speak to me and remind me of those awkward times when I was a girl.  He showed me that sometimes, I still think of myself as having two left feet, or being too fat, or too old, or whatever excuse I can think of to put up walls between He and me.


After all these years and all the grace He has shown me, I still look at myself as not good enough.  And you know what?  I'm NOT good enough.  Which should be a freeing thought.

He doesn't love me because I'm pretty.

He doesn't sing over me because I'm sexy.

He doesn't rescue me because I'm thin.

He doesn't save me every day because I'm young.

He doesn't redeem me because I'm a good person.

He. Does. Not. Need. Me.

I have absolutely nothing to offer in this relationship, and we are.  He has exchanged my ashes for His beauty.  He has given me His strength in exchange for handing Him my fear.  He has granted me gladness for all of my mourning, and He has kept every tear I have ever shed.

So in light of this...what is stopping me?  Nothing that I am has stopped Him or caused Him to back up and say,"Whoa...hold on there sister...let's rethink this thing."

Let me repeat that for you.  Nothing that I am, or have been, or will be, has stopped Jesus from loving me.


What a Saviour. 

Ladies...let me encourage you...I don't have this thing all figured out.  It's mind boggling to me as to why the Creator of the universe would ever bother with me...but He has.  And I'm guessing He has cast His glance your way a time or two as well.  Am I right?

We have been invited to the party of the Ages.  Ladies what are we waiting for?  We don't have time to be wallflowers. 

Let's dance.


  1. I. LOVE. THIS! I was just thinking about something similar when I was getting dressed this morning. Wondering how my Hubby can love me with all my imperfections (both inside and out). And then I realized it's because he does love me that none of that stuff matters. AWESOMENESS! :)

    1. Yes this has been on my mind a bit as well. Lord heal us from our "two left feet" and let us dance with You.

  2. Yes ma'am! Let's dance, indeed! I really loved this depiction of His love for us. I am beyond thankful that His love is SO deep and SO wide that all of my insecurities are like one grain of sand is the countless many sands of the world.

  3. Oh, this: "He doesn't sing over me because I'm sexy." I just love it. We really are twins of spirit!

    I had a similar experience in church this a.m. in which I looked down at Calvin and started sobbing b/c I so clearly understood at that moment that my love for my son pales in comparison to God's love for me. Say what? Impossible! Or is it..... :)

    1. Hey there Flower Patch!

      Thanks for stopping by...I know it's hard to wrap our brains around the vast ocean of grace that we find ourselves afloat on.

      Come on back when you get a chance!

  4. LOVE this post...let's dance! The creator of the Universe LOVES you and me...what could be more wonderful? I don't fully understand it and I often question "why would HE waste His time on me"? Then He reminds me...I made you, I Love you...You are Mine! Let's Dance!

  5. I have missed your writtings, so glad your are blogging again. Great post!! Only in my dreams and visions have I danced with the Lord...It was WONDERFUL!! I have not been able to get my physical body to be so gracious. Their was a book call"When Wallflower Dance, By Angela Thomas"

    your friend Dreamgirl