Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dear Adele...I'm Breaking Up With You

It's true.

It appears that we have been "Rollin' In The Deep" a little longer than we should have.

I realize this break-up will have absolutely no effect on you whatsoever, being as you're busy being the most celebrated female singer in the world and I am nowhere near being in the same universe of famous as you are.  Plus there's the tiny little fact that you have no idea I even exist...but overlooking that, we were sisters of the SOUL, Adele. Sisters of the soul.

You'd been hurt.  You'd been jilted by someone you loved and adored...and you weren't about to take it lying down.  No sir-ree.  Instead of doing what normal people do and updating your status on sat yourself down at a piano and poured every drop of your hurt into some songs and TOLD THE WORLD.

And the world listened.  And sang along.

And oh how I loved to crank up the volume in my car and wail along with you and in my mind think " tell'em sister.  We aren't taking this kind of stuff off anybody EVER AGAIN!"

And I'd feel powerful and goddess-like for a few moments.  Then the cd would end and I'd just be mad.  Again.  Stirred up by all those feelings of angst and disappointment and heartbreak.

Then I would wonder why I was so stressed out.

Truth be told, you're a tiny symptom of a huge problem of mine which I'm only just coming to terms with.  It's called unforgiveness.  Since writing those songs and blowing the world away with your talent, you have probably moved on to bigger and better things.  But me, Adele?  I'm left with all the broken emotions of those songs...and the lyrics which are now in my head for years to come.

A dear friend of mine suggested I read a book called "Total Forgiveness" by R.T. Kendall.  Mr. Kendall posits that true forgiveness means not continuing to stir up those bad feelings and memories.  True forgiveness means not tattle-telling on people who have wronged you.  And no matter how much I admire your gumption, your beauty, and your talent...let's face it Adele...that cd is one big tattletale.

So, it is with great sadness and longing that I must give you up.'t try to say anything. 

Merle Haggard is next and I need my strength for that one.


Mimi Supreme


  1. Way to go Shayne!!:) Really like the blog:) Keep writing!

  2. Merle too? Really? is probably for the best, not easy but the right thing is not always the easiest thing to do.
    Forgiving others sometimes is easier than forgiving ourselves..and sometimes neither are easy.
    Great BLOG...good bye Adele! (Merle...maybe we can meet up just now and then, on a Sunny afternoon when you can't bring me down!)

    1. Jessica I'm not finished with this book yet. I started it the night before last and let's just say that there is a lot more to forgiveness than I have been willing to think on.

      I got it for my was 9 bucks and so far I highly recommend it. It was either go through this process or resort to violence. Which would be bad for me since I hear being on the TV puts on an added 10-15 pounds, and innocent people who are just trying to watch the 6 o'clock news should not be burdened with that kind of spectacle.

  3. lol.. I thank you for the giggle. I get why you must bid farewell to the telling of the tattle, and do agree that 'wallowing' (as we in the south call it) does not set you up for the most positive of emotions. the therapy you received from her lyrics/music has served it's purpose, and now on to more upbeat, happy, positive energy to feed yourself. trust me, I know very well how difficult forgiveness can be. mine is not because of a lover's heartbreak, but pain is pain.. and we all have to learn to deal with it, and then move on. so I say, good on ya!! :)

    1. Thanks Tracie...I agree. It's time for some happy music. If you have any suggestions I'm all ears!

  4. Poor poor Adele. She never knew what she had. ;) Breaking up with the negativity is tough stuff. Cherished sins and all that. I'm with you girl. Love it!

  5. Well without even relizing it you once again spoken healing over my will and emotions. This post has left me weeping and also going out to buy the book. I have often wondered, I have told myself I HAVE FORGIVEN...and yet have nailed it to the cross a dozens times day, day after day. The stirring up, the memories, so many triggers,

    1. I'm right there with you friend. Keep doing what you know to do, but yes, I highly recommend reading the book.

      Be forewarned's a soul scorcher.