Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ferlin Husky Must Hate Me


Does anybody recall a song by Ferlin Husky called, "Wings Of A Dove?"  I'm not particularly a fan of Ferlin Huskey but the song title is appropriate for today's post.

And by the way, "Ferlin?"  Really???  It must have been a family name.  Here's a question...why do we as parents do that to our children?   How sick and twisted to do you have to be to give your child a moniker that will almost assuredly doom him or her to suffer daily scorn and torment from other kids?  Why not just hang a big fat juicy pork chop around their neck and dangle them in front of a pack of starving, rabid dogs?  It would be a lot more humane.

Anyways.  Back to ol' Ferlin and his doves.

Butterbean did not come to visit last night (sniffle) and because it was Tuesday, and because I help out a little on the praise team at church, and because Tuesdays are our night to practice, and, and, and...

Well I found myself at church.

Afterwards I stayed behind to chat and catch up with a friend of mine who also helps out on the praise team.  (Ever hear of Kari Jobe?  Yeah..she sounds a bit like her.  Pure, sweet, and anointed.)

We were outside enjoying the nice humidity-free evening griping about our husbands talking about spiritual things when I look up and I notice this beautiful, snowy white dove swooping down in front of us. 

It was just like that scene in the Bible where Jesus is being baptized and the dove came down from Heaven.  Except there was no voice from Heaven and John the Baptist wasn't there, and instead of the Jordan River, we were sitting on the curb of the parking lot at church.

But other than that it was so totally the same.

 I was all "Awww...Jesus sent us a dove!  He must think we're something special!  We must be super-duper spiritual!" Both of us watched in awe as the bird rode the wind, it's gorgeous wings fully spread...gliding, gliding and then...


Right smack dab into one of the windows of the church.

Thankfully it didn't die, but we almost did.  From laughing.

After dazedly walking around for a while the dove flew off.  And we were left to ponder the spiritual magnitude of what we had just witnessed.

We still don't know what it is, and we may never know friends...we may never know.  But somewhere, in the Great Dovecote In The Sky, I'm sure ol' Ferlin is softly crooning to his feathered friends, and perhaps a tear is slowly slipping down his cheek for two lost souls here on earth who nearly wet their pants over one winged creature's misfortune.

All I can say is...sing on, Ferlin.  Sing on.  And hopefully next time, I can catch it on video.

Cause y' was funny.


  1. Seriously? You are one funny chickie! I come "running" over here every day now for your newest post. Love it. Ferlin is smilin' from above. Surely!

  2. Miss Indeedy you are so sweet. Actually, I'm not. In fact, last night before practice I was asking God, " what do I write about?"

    And then came the bird. I guess you could almost say God gave me the bird. Ha ha! But really, I have no idea what happened with the poor little guy. Hope he's doing ok today.