Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Fixin's


Last night Butterbean decided to show me she could handle a sitting position without any help from me.  She looked like a bobble-head doll with a permanently surprised expression on it's face but she was determined.  She threw vanity to the wind and perservered.

Which means that in about 2.3 seconds she'll be crawling and we all know what that leads to.  Yep...the dreaded teen years.  The point where she will suddenly know everything and yet she will still manage to look utterly confused and dumbfounded when asked to pick her dirty laundry up off the floor.

When that happens she will thereafter be known as Her Mama's Child. 

Until then though she's just Butterbean.

Sitting up means that story time is about to get lots more interesting.  I like the bible I have for her right now, but Butterbean likes to touch and taste EVERYTHING.  So I'd like to get a line on a cloth bible for her that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

I checked out a few on Amazon and was blown away by how much they cost. this point I know some of you might be thinking, "Geez lady...she's just a BABY for crying out loud.  Why is reading the bible such a big DEAL?  Are you just trying to score brownie points with the Big Man?"

My response to that is...y'all haven't met my church's Junior Bible Quiz team. 

They are ages 6-12 and they are ruthless.  They won the state tournament.  They eat baby bibles for BREAKFAST!!!  So just teaching Butterbean to recite "Jesus wept" isn't gonna cut it with these kids.  She's gotta be ready for them.  And if ol' Mimi has anything to say about it...she will be.  Oh yes, she will be.

Aaaand I'd also like 'Bean to be full of the Word.  So that if she's ever in trouble and needs guidance or wisdom, it will already be her spirit.  Because that's kind of important. 

As for the brownie comment.

I've really been enjoying your comments and swappin' "recipes" on Friday Fixins!  So keep those cards and letters comin' y'all!


  1. This is great! Keep "'Bean" full of the Word.:)Watch out for those teen years.LOL She'll be there

  2. One of the best Bibles we ever received for Sweetgirl was one my Gramma picked up at a dollar store. It's a chunky board book with Precious Moments-y type cartoons. It STILL holds her interest and it gives a little more depth than Jesus wept. ;)

    You go Mimi and keep feeding that little bean The Word. She'll be up to snuff and ready to rumble with the Bible Quiz Team in no time!