Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Conversation With Butterbean

This summer, my husband and I have been grilling out.  Every night.  We love it because the food is awesome, the temperature in the kitchen doesn't increase to 50,000 degrees, and (added bonus) my husband handles the grill so it's almost like I don't have to do anything.

I don't know why I didn't think of this before.

Butterbean and her mommy stopped by the other night for some of the grilled goodness and 'Bean sat with us at the table.  She and I had a mental conversation that went something like this:

Butterbean: Hiiii Mimi!  Boy, that steak looks good!  How's about letting me try some?
Me: Ummm, well seeing as you still have very few teeth I don't think that's a very good idea.

Butterbean: Silence...pitiful stare...
Me:'s like this...don't look at me like that...I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!!! ASK YOUR MOTHER!!!
Butterbean: Oh come on! We don't need to involve Mommy in this! We both know who the REAL boss around here is...
Me: Complete silence...chewing nervously...avoiding eye contact.
Butterbean: *In awed voice* Gee sure can shovel it in! 
Me: Alright sister! Thaaat's IT! *Throws down napkin*

At this point...K steps back in:

K: ' know better than to bother Mimi when she's eating...

K: but between you and me dear, that WAS funny...*giggle*
Butterbean: *giggle* Yeah, it was.
Me: *sigh* No respect, none what-so-ever.
Butterbean: I loooove you Mimi!
Me: *sigh* If anyone needs to find me for the next say...eighteen years, give or take...I'll be in my room. 



  1. Absolutely LOVE this...Shayne, you need to write this and publish it.....Mary & Sugarlump

  2. Hey there Mary & Sugarlump! Thanks for stopping by! Butterbean would love to meet you. When will y'all be out this way again?

  3. she's ADORABLE!! I saw on the nester that your blog is relatively new.. so welcome to blogland! I've been absent lately, but back in the swing of things now, and look forward to reading many more of yours & butterbean's adventures! blessings! -Tracie

    1. Tracie...Hi thanks for reading and for the encouraging words!

      I love Nester. She is amazing. And except for the fact that she's never met me, doesn't know my name, and I rarely comment on her blog...she and I are totally BFFs!

  4. all of is true. butterbean did want your steak,but eait til she see's the rack of ribs tonight. love you honey.

    1. Umm...babe? You know I love you and all but do you know how nervewracking it is to see comments from myself to myself?

      Buuuut thanks for stopping by and I can't wait to see the rack of ribs! Love you too my hot grill-master of love!

  5. Oh. My. Word. That bean is stinkin' cute. Good luck trying to keep anything away from her in the future! At least you can eat your steak in peace. In your room... ;)