Monday, May 6, 2013

Time For A Change

I love the color green y'all.  It's one of my favorites...but honestly, with this new season of life that I'm in...I was getting a little tired of it.

So...TA-DA!!!  How do you like it?  I think it's pretty cool.  The posts are a little easier to read...the blue fuzzy background reminds me of summertime and well...I like it.  So you have to like it too.  Because rules.

You might also want to take note of the added page at the top...Mimi's Movin' and Groovin.'

Cause y'all...I have passed the stage of being  pleasingly plump.  You can read all about the whys and wherefores and what's up with that's on the page, but basically, I'm tired of being old, worn-out, and fat.

I can't do anything about the first thing, but I can certainly work on the other two.  All those old fears of "but I'll look ridiculous working out with all those skinny people" are being shot down with dosages of truth.  Because the truth is...I can't look much more ridiculous than I do now.  And it's only going to get worse with time, neglect, and gravity.

Besides...everybody's got their battles.  That cute little 20-year old stick that's sweating out her soul on that stair master like she's Tallahassee searching for his all-elusive Twinkie?  Honey, she could be fighting financial troubles, depression, family stuff, hassles at work, or...maybe she's like me and dealing with a body image/health issue.  Or maybe it's just zombies.  WHO KNOWS?

We all have our issues y'all...some are just better disguised than others.  So why should I be concerned with how I look in front of someone who has her own personal brand of crazy to deal with?

Yep.  That's what I thought.

So...a new look, a new journey, and...da da da da...a new grand-baby. 

Thaaaaaat's right y'all...I'm 'boutta be a Mimi again!  Come September, Butterbean's gonna have a baby I've got to think up a moniker for him.  Maybe Butternut? Butterscotch?  Butterfinger?  I dunno.  Some things just can't be forced.  Some things require contemplation and the alignment of certain heavenly bodies...and a really good bottle of wine.


I can't afford wine.

Well..y'all that about wraps it up for me today.  Keep the 'Bean in your prayers...because one of her issues is being the ONE AND ONLY.  We'll see how that works out for her this fall.

Should be more fun than fighting a herd of bloodthirsty zombies. 


  1. "Or maybe it's just zombies." Indeed! Love the new look. (So ever-lovin glad to read that I did not need a new prescription on the glasses, too.)

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Hows about Butterbubba? Nut, Finger, and Scotch all have -uh - not so great connotations. Ya feel me?

  2. Missindeedy! So glad to see you around my little parts of the interweb again! I'll have you know that Butterbubba is now being placed under some mighty serious consideration. How will the whole thing play out? Who knows? I guess we'll see come September!