Monday, July 23, 2012

On The Road To Emmaus...Shaun and Micah

Can I be honest with you?

Sometimes I feel like I just am not getting Jesus.  It's like I read the words...but nothing's clicking.  No pistons firing, no lightbulbs going off, no shouts of EUREKA!!! Just a lot of "BLAH BLAH BLAH" interspersed with some "YER DOIN' IT WRONG!"

The Lord is speaking plain English (I read the NASB...that's how I know it's plain English) but we apparently still aren't speaking the same language.

It's frustrating sometimes.

Then, there are moments of what I would call almost clarity.  The times when I get it but I can't describe what I'm getting, I just know I'm getting something

Like back in the '70s when your dad is up on the roof messing with the antenna and all you see on the channel is squiggly lines but you can sorta kinda make out a know something's happening...but you're not really sure if it's Monday night football or a rerun of M*A*S*H*.

(Oh?  What's that you say?  You're too young to remember anything other than cable tv?  Being a good southern Christian woman I can't say things like "Shut. Up." or "I hate you."  So I'll just say, "Bless your heart.")

Then, there are some days, when just like the travellers on the road to Emmaus, someone breaks bread and blesses it.  And the scales fall off of your eyes and you wonder how, HOW could you possibly have missed something so simple?

My stalking victim internet BFF Shaun Groves and his assistant Micah Watson came to visit last evening to sing and talk about Compassion International.  Micah quietly and efficiently assisted Shaun with the sound and video stuff, instructed us newbies on what to do, and got the paperwork in order that would make its way all around the world to let the least of the least know that somebody cares about them.

It's not the type of job that gets a lot of applause or thanks from anyone other than maybe Shaun. 

I spoke with Micah briefly about himself and found out that he has been an itinerant worship leader for youth.

Here's a guy who has his own dreams, his own calling...but those things are put aside for the moment so that he can be a servant to those who have absolutely no possible way of rewarding him or recognizing him for his efforts.  (Well hello there humility...thanks for putting the smack-down on my ego!)

Then, there was Shaun. 

He had hoped for an audience of maybe 100 - 150 people.  He got 30. (Hey, if you ever need me to promote anything at your church...I'm your girl.  I can attract tens of people.)

Thirty.  I'll say it again.


That's it.  That was the whole enchilada.  And you know what Shaun did?  He sang and spoke with as much passion, as much intensity as he would have had he been singing at the Dove Awards.

Speaking of being blind...come on Dove Award people...get with the guys really need more Shaun Groves'es in your show. (Groves'es? Grovii? Flock of Groves'?)

Guess what else?  Jesus showed up.  He was there in the songs, in the stories, in the uplifted hands and the giving of thanks from a bunch of beggars and thieves who had been transformed and made holy.  He was there as those same beggars and thieves reached out to sponsor kids...strangers from all over the world...because really?  How could we not have responded to a Gospel so plainly crystal clear?  So...simple?

Even I got it.

So, thank you Shaun and Micah, for travelling with us for a little ways on the road...for opening eyes and hearts once again to the blindingly glorious simplicity of Jesus and Him all laid down and broken so that the whole world might be made whole.

(And Micah...just wanted to remind you of something I'm pretty sure you already know.   All that paperwork and tabling and sound check stuff? That is not wasted time buddy.  Not at all. Oh, and sorry about the hugging thing.  I tend to get nervous around people who are sort know...famous.  One day I'll have to tell you about the time I ran into the local weather person at Target. Not. Pretty.  Not pretty at all.)

To the two people who read this blog...if you weren't able to be there last night, I'm sorry.  But you can still help.  If you'd like to learn more about Compassion International and what you can do, click on the Compassion logo in the upper right corner.   From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves...I thank you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  1. Ah TV antennas...right along with the question my kids asked me when Sheryl Crow was singing about 45's and they wanted to know what she was talking about! (Bless their little hearts!)

    Compassion Internation...AWESOME organization! We have one little girl in Honduras (Shirley) and from World Vision we have Na'eem, Hawa and Reitumitsee.

    Totally worth it to sponsor a child...totally love getting mail from them.

    And if I lived closer...totally would have come out to see Shaun Groves & Micah! :)

    So sign up people! You will be totally blessed if you do! And I totally mean that! ;)

  2. Aww Mindy...thank you so so much for what you are already doing for those sweet babies. Shaun's got his own blog if you don't already know him or his music...check him out at

    You'll be glad you did!

  3. Been with CI many years.......truly blessings to me....wish I could have been back in Seymour last & miss ya and your Sugarlump misses you too

    1. Hey Mary and Sugarlump...I'll be needing to talk to you guys soon so inbox me on Facebook with your number ok?

      Hope you guys are doing well. I love Compassion International and what they's amazing. Wish you could have been with us.

  4. Smackdown on the ole' ego indeed! I needed to hear that little (BIG) reminder, myself, sister.

    I LOVE Compassion. We just received a letter letting us know our little girl that we've sponsored for the past 3 years has moved out of contact. :( We were given a new child and we all feel a little lost. It's amazing how connect we've become to her and the boy we sponsor over the past 3 and 4 years. God connects hearts through letters and miles. Thank you for shining a light on the organization. And thanks be to God for "celebrities" like Shaun and Micah, willing to shine their big ole' spotlights, too!