Monday, July 9, 2012

Almost Famous

Happy Monday y'all!  I don't know if you know this or not, but you are reading the blog of someone who is internationally known.

True story.

I was looking at the stats for this blog the other day and TEN WHOLE PEOPLE have seen it.  And one of them was from CANADA!  We're goin' global baby!

Butterbean and I are on our way y'all.  Soon it'll be nothing but champagne and caviar.

Well, not really. I hate fish, so I'm pretty positive I wouldn't want to eat little fishie eggs. Gag.

Also in the works, my internet BFF and already famous and global soft-rock-star/mom blogger Shaun Groves is coming to visit.  Not me personally, but my church.

He'll be hitting up the big town of Seymour on July 22nd and singing us a few tunes and telling a few tales and hopefully giving us some tips on how he does his hair.

Plus he'll be talking about what he does with Compassion International...which is the TRUE reason he's coming.  Not to meet me or anything.

Even though I'm totally almost famous.

If you happen to be out this way and don't have anything better to do that evening...stop on by and say hey.  Butterbean and I will be there and of know..Shaun will be there too. 

Hope to see you there!


  1. I will be there. Love you Mimi and butterbean too....even tho you do kind of hog her all to yourself :) Barbara

    1. Barbara, I believe you and I may have a difference of opinionations here...I do not "hog" Butterbean. Can I help it if she loves me and wants to sit with me and make me giggle during church? No. I cannot.

      On the flip-side, I'm excited you'll be there to listen to Shaun. That makes 4 or 5 of us now that'll be there! Things are really gaining steam now! :)

  2. I'm going to have to agree with Barbara here you do hog butter bean.

    1. Oh my word it's some sort of anonymous conspiracy.

      Are you all part of the 99%?

      For the final time...I do not hog Butterbean. She hogs me.

  3. Well, I don't care one hoot who hogs your little Bean, I'm just glad to know that I can say I "know" someone famous. ;)

  4. THANK YOU Missindeedy! It's good to have somebody in MY corner. I mean, can't a gal be a Mimi in peace?

    Butterbean thinks it's a hoot. Or, she would if she knew what a blog was, and the internet, and computers...and other countries. Yeah if she knew what all that stuff was, she'd definitely think she was in high cotton.

  5. Barbara I know what you mean about her hogging Butterbean all the time...why she has not even let me see her and now the famousocity has gone to her head, Lawd knows what ta 'pect next!