Wednesday, April 24, 2013

All's "Hair" In Love And War

So just so that you don't think that Butterbean has dropped off of the face of the earth...(she totally hasn't...I mean but she HAS been a little busy what with walking and toddling and learning new words and basically being a toddler.  She's swamped.)

Here's a little convo we had just recently.  Please overlook the empty boxes and dead plants in the background.  It's not that I'm against cleaning up my front porch, it's just that I didn't do it BEFORE I started clicking away.

So...Butterbean has a little bit of an issue with her hair.  And she came to me, her very loving and very wise Mimi.

 Butterbean: Ummm...hey Mimi???
Me: Yes my little love?
Butterbean: Um, well, um could you maybe help me out with something?
Me: Of course I can, my angel.  What is it?
Butterbean: Oh,'s my hair I mean...

 ....just LOOK at it, it's just you know...LAYING there. And stuff.
Me: Uh-huh.  I see.  Well...have you thought about putting a little hair clip in it?
Butterbean: What's a hairclip?
Me: Well, I think I have one here (digging in pocket) um, yes, I do.  Here ya go kid.

 Butterbean:  What the heck is THAT?  It's the most WONDERFUL thing I have EVER SEEN IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!!
Me: 'Bean honey it's just a hair clip...let's dial down the enthusiasm just a bit mkay precious?

 Butterbean: YAY!!! I HAVE IT!!! I HAVE THE HAIRCLIP!!!! LOOK IT'S A HAIRCLIP!!! BY THE POWERS OF GREYSKULL...(wait Mimi...that's from He-Man.  I don't even know who He-Man is...)
Me: (Sorry) Um, yes baby, that's a hairclip.  Here...let me show you how to put it in...

 Butterbean: OKAY!

 Butterbean:'re gonna give that back right?  Mimi?

 Butterbean: Man, she is totally ignoring me right now.  I can't believe this.  What's the deal here?  Why did she take my hairclip?  I loved it so.

 Me: There you go precious!  What do you think?
Butterbean:  Oh yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about.  Beyonce' ain't got nothin' on me baby!  Talk about puttin' a ring on betta put a HAIRCLIP on it girlfriend!

 Butterbean: Hold on a minute Mimi, I think you need a close-up of this.  Let me get on my ride and roll on over to you...
Me: Uh, 'Bean honey that's not really necessary...I have, like hundreds of shots here...

 Butterbean: Let me just scoot on a little get your camera ready Mimi!
Me: Uh...Bean that's close baby...just know...

 Butterbean: Just. a. little. closer.
Me: 'Bean I'm bout to fall off the porch honey...

Me: Uh 'Bean, honey this isn't normal darling.  Just BACK THAT PONY UP A LITTLE MIMI LOVES HER TOES DARLING!!! SHE'D LIKE TO KEEP THEM!!!

Butterbean: Are you ready Mimi?
Me: (Completely melted by those eyes) What toes?

 Butterbean: do I look?
Me: *sigh* Absolutely adorable.

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  1. Oh, that made me laugh out loud! Really makes me want grandchildren,too!! Your little granddaughter is a cutie!