Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why I'm Not God

I know the posts here have been extremely few and far between.  Sorry about that.  I've been keeping quiet lately, trying to read more of the Word, and live more of the Word...rather than just run my mouth about it.

I'm writing today because a Big Event is happening and I have Some Thoughts.

Big Thoughts if you will.

My son, the younger of my two, is about to graduate from high school in a few months.  So naturally  he's been thinking rather hard about Life After High School. 

His father and I have been insisting on college since he was old enough to pronounce the word.  I mean, that's what all good parents in America do, right?  Education is the key to the American Dream, so we pushed and shoved for college right out of the gate.

But college is our dream. 

Not his.

Ever since he was little, and I mean 4 or 5 years old, my son has talked about being in the military.  When he got to be around 7 or 8 he started talking about it a lot.  When he was in middle school, his favorite channel became The Military Channel.  And it was about that time that he started talking about being a Marine.

Now...I can't say I'm thrilled about this dream.  I'm just not.  I'm proud of him, and I support him to the fullest...but I do not like this idea.

We thought we had him talked into at least trying a semester at college at UT Chattanooga.  Then last week he came home with the news that he'd met a Marine recruiter at his school during lunch, and wanted us to go and meet with him to talk about...things.

It became crystal clear to me in that moment that this really wasn't going to go away.  This wasn't just a pipe dream for him.  He is going to become a Marine.

Later that night after much pleading for prayer at church, (it was a Wednesday...thank goodness) it occurred to me that I could cry and beg and plead...and probably get him to enter college.  But it also occurred to me that perhaps if I did that, I would be standing in the way of God's plan for C.  And here's where it gets really nasty.

Everybody knows that the Marines are the first ones into battle.  And given that our country is still engaged in Afghanistan...and may possibly make a move on concern for my son's well being is well founded.

Especially when I look at the people in this country.  Do I want my son sacrificing his youth and possibly his life defending freedom not just for the people here, but elsewhere in the world?

I mean c'mon...we're talking everybody here.  Righteous and unrighteous.  Deserving and undeserving.  People who wouldn't so much as spit on my son if he were on fire.  Do you see where I'm going?

Why should my son possibly give up his life to protect freedom for murderers...rapists...child molesters...and on and on and on.  Do they know his heart?  That this isn't only a dream to him...but a driving force from within?  He feels compelled to stand for us.  That he would be less of a man, less of an American, if he doesn't do it.

Have any of those people in Congress..the ones who have the power to send him to war on a whim seen his sweet smile?  The tenderness of his heart?  Was the President there when he was born?  The politicians and judges and all in charge, did they watch him endure taunting and bullying only to persevere and be given awards and be recognized by his football coaches and peers as a man of integrity and character?  He could have turned nasty with all that he's been through...but he didn't.  He forgave and loved and moved on. 

I'm not a wealthy person...the ONLY treasure I have outside of Jesus is my children.  THEY (and Butterbean) are my most precious possessions. And I'm sorry...I just don't love you enough to give ANY of them up for you.  Especially not my son.

Which is why I'm not God.

If I had to sacrifice my son to satisfy the requirement of the'd better believe I'd be making dang sure you all were worth it.  And from where I one would make the cut.  You would all need to be making room in your suitcases for marshmallows and weenies because I hear hell is only good for roasting things. 

So thankfully for you, where I sit is not where God sits.

He is seated high above, He knows all, loves all, and His wisdom and understanding have no limit.  For, me, everybody...even the politicians...are worth it.

I don't get it, don't understand it, but that's the way it is.  He has deemed you worthy of the Greatest Treasure, the Daystar, the Lily of the Valley, the Rose of Sharon. 

And as I learn, oh so painfully, the greatness of this cost, I join my voice with Paul's and implore you (and myself) to "walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, showing tolerance for one another in love, being diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace."  Eph. 4:1 (NASB)

I hope you hear my heart in this.  The cost for freedom, spiritual and physical, is so high that we there isn't a measuring instrument or scale able to truly count it or weigh it.  Therefore we have a duty first as Christians, and secondly as Americans, to walk in a way that honors Christ first, and then those who gave years of their lives away from families, who gave their sanity, their bodies, their fortunes, and for some...their that it won't have been for nothing. 

We owe so is the least we can do.

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  1. Being a mother to an "of age" son is no easy task. One of the hardest things I'm still learning, is to shut up and move aside...continue to love and cherish and support, but allow them their decisions as well as their mistakes and be there to help them up if they stumble...By the way, your writing, as always, is a thing to behold...well done, love!