Monday, August 13, 2012

This Post Brought To You By The Letter "B"

"B" as in Butterbean.  It was all Butterbean all the time at Mimi's house this weekend.  She recently turned 8 months old and is no longer the sweet little bundle that loved to be held and jiggled and whatnot.

She is now a sweet little busybody who has learned to crawl and climb.  For Butterbean, it's all about the adventure...the more dangerous something is, the more she's attracted to it.  Toys?  Pah!  Those are for babies!!!  Give her the electrical outlets!  She wants to feel the burn! And as for Mimi?  She's just another stepping stone to that towering summit known as the living room sofa.

(If I haven't lost 15 pounds from chasing and climbing after her, then my scale is clearly broken and needs to be destroyed.  I sense a little DIY project coming on!)

The 'Bean has also discovered my laptop and her favorite thing to do is

yrghqa;ekcx,v a;sldpzy q/kzncv;yeioruhoidfhgn/z,.mcn a[weiurjngayghop;431038947urhofnSDmnfq03481p;3orlhnfdvbbg/eiwtyiu-387658tjg.

That last bit there was typed by Butterbean.  It says...."I love Mimi's keyboard."

('Scuse me while I wipe up the drool.  Sorry.)

When she gets hold of my laptop I have this image pop into my mind that somewhere in the bowels of a mountain in Colorado, the W.O.P.R. is booting up for another nice rousing game of Global Thermonuclear War and some military commander is saying, "Take us to DefCon 5."

But that's just me and my little friend known as, "Paranoia."

Don't judge me.

Anyhoo...the 'Bean also has 6 teeth now and I have a nice imprint of them on the fleshy part of my forearm.  She was kind enough to give it to me last night.

Butterbean is also working on learning what the word "no" means.  I have a feeling from some of the looks she gives me that she already knows the meaning, she just doesn't care.  But that couldn't be true could it?

Not my sweet, precious little grandbaby! 

If anyone has some Prozac they could lend me...that would be awesome.

Just kidding.



  1. No prozac, but a little commiseration? When Sweetgirl gets to pounding out a tune on my computer keyboard, I get All Sorts of Nervous about what's being decoded on the other end. Just sayin'...