Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Baby's A Senior...Wait..What?

JEEZ-O-PETE y'all!!!  My sweet son, the one I introduced y'all to little bit ago?  Is now officially a senior in high school.


(I'd upload a picture, but really...does anyone want to see a middle-aged, slightly plump woman lose it?  In some cases...the imagination is truly much better than the reality. Trust me on this.)

We took him to Waffle House to eat breakfast this morning. Because nothing spells "class" like a side of hash browns, smothered, covered and chopped. 

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this to you all before or not, but Mimi is not what one would term as a "morning person."  That's usually why my posts (what there are of them these days) usually don't show up until after 10 in the am.  Because that's usually about the time my speech starts to become coherent.

Add to that a wee bit of hunger and a smidge of impatience, and PRESTO! All of this non-morning person-ness ended up in a slightly unpleasant encounter with our waitress. 

It all started innocently husband refused to order any breakfast and I was concerned, and was all "Hon-EEE you need to ORder something." (I'm sure the whiney tone in my voice blending with the Bob Seger tune blaring out of the jukebox added just the right touch of ambience and tranquility for our little family outing.)

As soon as the words popped out of my mouth the waitress said to him, " just got the EVIL eye."

Now y'all...I know what the bible says about showing mercy and forgiveness and what-not.  But as I said, my brain doesn't work well in the wee morning hours of 7 - I may have forgotten all about Jesus and Peter's little chat about the 70 times 7 stuff. 

That waitress may or may not have been given a tip.  Because really?  Random strangers calling you out on your non-morning glory ways just does NOT inspire generosity in most cases.

So you can see how my son's First Official Day Of Senior Year started off with a real bang.  He got to see his mom being a paragon of Christian compassion and overflow with desire to be "Jesus with skin on." To all you young mothers out there, if you EVER need advice on how to send your kid off properly to school...I'm your gal.

I'd post a picture of how thrilled my son was to have started school this morning, but it turns out that my smartphone is not so smart.  I told it to upload a picture to FB this morning at roughly 7:15.  As of now it has uploaded exactly 0% of that one little picture. 

Whoever said we don't war against flesh and blood must not have ever owned a smartphone or eaten at Waffle House.


  1. Ha! Ha! I'm with you 100% on the flesh and blood part. Although when I do make it to the Awful Waffle (as we like to call it sometimes) I only order one thing...cheese eggs, grits and raisin toast. YUMMY! Hope your day goes much better! ;)

    1. Hey Mindy...personally I like the grits and toast. And I normally enjoy my time there because I like to listen to the waitpeople holler out their orders to the cooks.

      Cheap entertainment is always a good thing in my mind...but usually not at the dark side of the morning. :)

  2. I came here from Shaun Groves' blog because I always love your comments over there and this just made me laugh out loud - I mean a real guffaw. Thank you. I love your sense of humour. I will sign up for more :-)

    1. Hi Zoe! Welcome! I'm glad it was a real guffaw as opposed to a fake one. I hate those, don't you?

      Question: How do you get the little umlaut thingy to appear over the "e" in your name? It will bother me all day and probably most of the weekend if I can't spell/type your name correctly!

  3. Mmmmm, hashbrowns smothered and chopped. Yes, please! Uploading FB pictures is a process in patience around here, too. Hang in there sister! It'll be up by the time he graduates college. Probably. ;)