Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Path To Whirled Peas

A month or so ago, the 'Bean, her mother and I took a weekend trip up to Ohio to see family.  My cousin is the co-founder of Bella Baby Photography, and they'd just opened their new studio.

They needed a test subject.


Butterbean generously gave of her time and expertise to throw out a few poses.

It was hard work...

But she handled it like a pro.

The drive to Ohio also afforded a chance for Butterbean's mommy and me to talk.  At issue were important things like, stocking the diaper bag with socks when Butterbean comes to visit (get it? "stocking" the diaper bag with socks? oh the dippy humor you guys are in for...) and when is the proper time to start giving her solid foods (peas and carrots anyone?), as well as a few, tiny, little insignificant things like family members who were overstepping boundaries and giving unwanted and unwarranted criticism in the form of "advice."


One thing I truly appreciate about my daughter is she understands my hovering.  She doesn't like it, but she understands it.

Another thing I like and admire about her is she's woman enough to stand up to it and put her foot down when necessary.  Respectfully, of course.

To understand me, you have to know that my children (I have two, my daugher and my son) are my treasures.  Money (not that I have any), houses (not that I own one), cars (ok we have a few of those)...are all nice things, but worthless in light of my kids.

So to say I'm a hoverer is a little bit of an understatement.  I am a true-blue, handwringing, nail-biting, always-wear-clean-underwear-in-case-you're-in-an-accident helicopter mom.  I accept this and I own it baby.

In my daughter's case, I wasn't really afforded the gradual letting go that lots of moms get.  I was hoping I'd have a nice four years of college followed by 3 years of graduate school to get used to the idea that my child is now in fact, an adult.

That didn't happen.

Actually, it kind of went down like this:

BOOM! Graduation
BOOM! Pregnancy
BOOM! Grandmother-hood
BOOM! Wedding
BOOM! Move out and get own life. (Her, not me.)

All of it happened at once in less than a span of 12 months.

*sigh* Jesus and chocolate were my only links to sanity.

So, I still have issues with being THAT know, the one who keeps everybody waiting in the drop-off line at school because she's good-bye-ing and advising and pep-talking just because she can't bear to watch the little shaver walk off without her?


(Sorry, by the way, if you were ever unfortunate enough to be behind me in line.)

So, as I said, the five-hour drive to Ohio was a good chance to clear the air.

And sneak in a spoonful or ten of whirled peas to Butterbean.


(All photos courtesy of Bella Baby Photography.  These images are copyrighted and may not be used without written permission.  Thanks!)

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  1. Adorable test subject! And "BOOM" happens to stinkin' often around here, too. It sounds like you and your daughter have developed a nice give and take. What a gift!