Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Language of Butterbean


I started this blog because I wanted to try to document the little things about Butterbean as a baby/toddler that made me chuckle.  Things that I know I'll forget as time goes on.

I have veered away from that a bit, so I thought I'd try to set this train back on its tracks tonight with a list of words from Butterbeans ever expanding and oh-so-adorable vocabulary.

Be prepared to go "awww."


Aye or Oi - hot.  I have no idea why she says it this way…but that's how it sounds to her I guess.

Issue - Bless you.

Chuck - couch.

Eeets - Eat.

Finkies - fingers.

Shawbies - Strawberries.

Puck - Cup.

Pinka or Pinkie - Blanket.

Foo-ta ball - football.  (Her Boppi's doing I'm sure.  If it were up to me, ESPN would be utterly banned.)

Mimi ah pee - This phrase could mean two things actually, depending on body language and my crystal ball.  It could mean 1) Mimi, I'm pretty or 2) Mimi, I need to pee/have peed/might have peed on your floor.

Mimi ah hunky - Mimi I'm hungry.  This is actually the first sentence out of her mouth every. Day.  And she will repeat it to me with increasing volume and gusto until breakfast is placed before her.

Ehvv Ewe - Love you.

Huck - Hug.

Ahsa Mimi? - Where's Mimi.

Mimisa seepin'/nighnights - Mimi is sleeping. (I have to admit, sometimes she sounds a little like JarJar Binks)

Kickle - Tickle. (One of my personal favorites.  Cracks me up to hear her say Kickle me Mimi.)

Sop it! - Stop it!

Buds - Birds

Gog - Dog

Gigi - her word for Granny…which is her 86 year old great great grandmother.

Pie - her word for Pap…which is her great grandfather.  Who also happens to be my Dad.

Deezus - Jesus (another personal fave)

and last but not least, what would any two-year old vocabulary list be without the following:

NO! - NO!

Surprisingly, that last one comes out pretty darn clear.

Two year olds…it's a good thing they're so cute.

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