Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Season Of Shut Yer Mouth

Well...y'all...Mimi has been going through a time.  A time.

*insert deep dramatic sigh here*

On a lighter note, I have discovered that I'm somewhat in love with Duck Dynasty.

Have you seen it yet?  Oh my word if not, then please do all you can do to clear your schedule and take a gander.  It's a hoot.  It's clean, funny, and for once, there's not a bunch of scantily-clad 40-ish women doing all they can to destroy one another's weave.


As I type, a Duck Dynasty marathon is on and I've laughed more this evening than I have in a while.

Because...did I mention I've been going through a time?  To say I've been a bit concerned and a little on edge lately would unfortunately be an understatement.  And to make matters worse, the lesson for Mimi through all of this hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing has been to keep her mouth shut.

Which is not exactly something I'm familiar with, all bloggy evidence to the contrary.

And if I go a bit further here and be really brutally honest real problem hasn't been my real problem has been me.

I still have a control issue.

The good news is...I am making strides and while I've suffered a lot of defeat...I've also had some small victories.

So yay God.  You're awesome and Holy and Wonderful and all that I need.  You're faithful when I'm faithless and have patiently endured my raging and tenderly calmed my fears.  I am Yours...I belong to with me and mine as You see fit.

And oh...if You could somehow arrange a meeting between me and Phil and Miss Kay...that would help to heal a lot of wounds.  Because they own lots and lots of guns, Jesus...and I have a feeling Imma need one soon.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

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  1. Please don't let this feeling end! I just caught up on your BLOG, your very sparse, needs more posts, more often BLOG! I love them, they bring me comfort and JOY! Please don't let this feeling end. (please read all of that in a semi, operatic voice in as many keys as possible)
    LOVE you Girl...LOVE YOUR BLOG
    MISS you SOOO much,